About 24 Hour Care

24 Hour Care are a family owned round the clock care service for whenever you need it. Our staff always feel satisfied when they know they have helped someone who needs it most. We believe in quality of life and peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on the bigger part of your business..



Where are we and How can we help you?

We are based in the Crediton area so we have an outstanding knowledge of the Devon area.  Our number one priority is you and the people you care for. We can provide you with: the quality service you would expect, support over the phone whenever you need it,  only provide you with the best quality staff and service that you would expect from a company like us.


General Notes and Questions

As well as job satisfaction we offer our staff promotion opportunities and training opportunities as well as free training. If you have any questions about us then please feel free to contact us on 01363 866025 (You can use click to call via Skype) or you can visit our contact page and submit your question through email.

People having fun with Carers - 24 Hour Care